The Covenants assign the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) the duty of maintaining Wickham Forest as a "restricted community of quality homes." The Architectural Review Committee meets monthly to review requests for changes that affect the appearance of homes in Wickham Forest. Homeowners are welcome to come to any meeting.

All visible exterior changes to your home or property need to be reviewed by the Architectural Review Committee, even things such as repainting the same colors, adding hurricane shutters, or replacing an old fence. To have your project reviewed, you must submit an ARC application form and documents with your intended changes.  See Article VII of the covenants for more information on the purpose of the Architectural Review Committee and for sections pertaining to submissions to the committee.

Documentation Required (All projects require a color photo of the front of your house.)

  Description of project.

     PAINTING:   Manufacturer Name, color ID # and sample color chip

     ROOF:   Manufacturer Name, color name or sample of roof material or brochure

     GARAGE DOOR:   Manufacturer Name, brochure with photo showing style, color and material  

     WINDOWS AND/OR SHUTTERS:   Manufacturer Brochure showing style and color, # of windows

     MAILBOX:   Brochure showing style and color 

     SOLAR PANELS:   Manufacturer brochure with photo showing style and color. Drawing showing location


The below projects require a copy of your survey.

     PAVERS/CONCRETE:  Manufacturers brochure showing pavers style and color. (Survey showing                                                                    placement.)

     FENCE:  Manufacturers brochure showing design, style and color.  (Survey showing placement) 

     POOL:  Details showing type, style of pool/screen enclosure, etc. (Survey showing placement)

                 (Above ground pools are not allowed in Wickham Forest.)

     SHED:  Color brochure showing color of shed and dimensions (Survey showing placement)

     PLAY EQUIPMENT:  Manufacturer brochure showing details. (Survey showing placement)

     LANDSCAPING:  Drawing on survey showing placement of shrubs, trees and plants.  Removal of trees and                                            shrubs to be shown on survey along with photo. Tree stumps need to be removed or                                                  ground down.

Architectural Review Committee Members:

  • Blain Morgan (ARC Chairman)
  • Ronda Kapelanski
  • Dolores Leach
  • Reda Rozanski
  • Joanne Osborne
  • Salpie Kasbar (Alternate)
  • Anne Kallish (Alternate)


(Click here →ARC Application Request Form (pdf):

                    ARC Application Request Form (word):


This is the form to fill out for ARC approval of additions or changes to your property. You can either fill out the form within your web browser and print it out, or you may print the form and fill it out by hand. Completed forms should be signed by the homeowner and submitted to the ARC committee. Every application requires a color photo of the front of your home, to be submitted with the application.

Please email your ARC Application to: 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Put your property address in the subject line, please.)

Emails will be answered within 48 hours.  If you do not get a response after 48 hours, please send your email again. 

or mail to:       


PO Box 410621

Melbourne, FL  32941

ARC meetings are held every third Wednesday of the month.

See newsletter for location.                     

(Should you need help filling out the application, the ARC will be happy to help you at the meeting) 


2014 Update

The HOA board understands that trends in house colors have changed over the years and so is working on updating the official color book. The guidelines used by the ARC for evaluating color schemes essentially remains intact, conforming to the guidelines in the Official Color Book for house, trim and accent (i.e., the front door). The selected colors need to be considered in relation to:

  • Roof color
  • Any brick or stone color
  • Color of adjacent homes
  • Compatibility of house and trim colors

When submitting a request for house painting to the ARC the homeowner needs to include:

  • Color name, number and manufacturer (if your color choice is already on a home somewhere in the neighborhood the ARC chair can provide you with this information) along with a sample of colors attached to the form.
  • Color garage door is to be painted
  • Fascia, soffit and rain gutter color, if applicable (generally, these are left white, unless the trim is a pale neutral that matches the roof)
  • Front door color, if applicable

In most cases, if new or unusual color combinations are being requested, samples of such color will need to be painted on the house so they can be evaluated for confirmation to the standards. A tiny swatch of color in the paint store under fluorescent light may seem lovely, however, when it covers a whole house, it can become overwhelming.

Some helpful tips when preparing to select house colors:

  • non pastel shades and tones of a color look better with a white or cream trim.
  • garage doors are not considered trim and should generally be painted the house color (doing so tends to make the house look larger) with the exception of:
    • If the house is a deeper tone with white trim, the garage door can be the trim color.
    • If the house is painted a light or medium shade of a single color (i.e., A light grey and a medium grey) the garage door can be painted the trim color.
  • houses with double trim bands:
    • Paint both bands the same color
    • Paint them two shades of the same color
    • Do not paint unrelated colors.